Yuta has an informal dinner out with his co-worker Homare Koiwai, who talks about working with Moriko in the past despite never seeing her in person. Meanwhile, Yuta responds to Moriko's message, wanting to remain friends after being respectfully turned down for a future meeting. In the game, Hayashi receives an expensive coat from Lily, but is afraid of putting it on as Lily might have ulterior motives. After meeting with Lily to discuss the gift, Lily tells of her history in the game, of being both a girl and a support class that everyone wanted to partner with. When she joined a guild, another female character accused Lily of playing off the guildmaster's feelings. Lily then puts on her own expensive coat and asks Hayashi to be her partner. Moriko is flustered at the thought of accepting a girl's feelings online, but accepts, not knowing who Lily's player really is.