Hayashi lies about his true offline identity to the clan, claiming to be a 21-year-old college student and inadvertently helping Lilac win a bet. As Hayashi falls asleep next to Lily in the game world, Moriko suffers a cold in the real world. While trying to walk to the store for medicine, she is accidentally elbowed in the face and later wakes up in the hospital with the man who elbowed her sitting at her bedside. As a manner of apology, the man offers to cover her medical bills and gives his business card, revealing himself as Yuta Sakurai. The next day, Hayashi tells his fellow guild-mates about the incident (while switching the genders of those involved), and Kanbe suggests he start off with an email to thank this person. Moriko send Yuta a message and gets a quick reply offering to meet for dinner. While feeling anxious about meeting Yuta in public, Moriko gains confidence after talking to Lily (as Hayashi) again in the game world.


  • Hayashi