Moriko gets incredibly nervous about her appearance for her date with Koiwai. As she buys herself extra pairs of leggings, the clerk Kazuomi talks to her about their shared interest in Fruits de Mer. Hayashi is incredibly nervous after hearing from Lilac about a female friend who used a male avatar, and even more so after discovering that Kanbe is actually Kazuomi in real life. Hayashi tries to get advice about what to wear to his date offline, and gets conflicting opinions from Kanbe and Lily. Later, Moriko decides to fix her hair at a salon and try applying makeup despite being out of practice. Meanwhile, Yuta was told that Homare's date is in two days, but Hayashi's responses hinted that it was tomorrow. After finding that Hayashi is offline the next day before a raid, Yuta logs off and races to the public square to confirm his suspicions, when he spots a beautified Moriko in the crowd.
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episode 5