Moriko Morioka


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Kanji 盛岡 森子
Rōmaji Moriko Morioka
Nickname(s) Morimori-chan
Age 30
Gender Female
Birthday July 20th
Occupation Sales Department in Trading Company

Unemployed Neet (Currently)

Status Active
Voice Actor
Japanese Mamiko Noto
English Terri Doty
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Moriko is a 30 years old single woman, since the end of high school she worked in the sales department of a company for 11 years, then she decided to quit and become a NEET.

She spends her days in a net game in search for the satisfaction that otherwise she can't obtain in real life.

Her net game character is Hayashi.


Moriko is a 30-year old woman, she is medium height, with long bluish purple hair that is seen tied up in various episodes, eyes that match but of a lighter shade.

Her skin is a bit pale, and has a distinctive mole near her mouth, Moriko's body is an average build, and as observed by Koiwai and Yuuta Sakurai, she has a large breasts.

Although people has described her as a beauty, she does not seem to know or even care about her looks outside her job, and after quitting Moriko's appearance became unkempt, her hair being long and at times unbrushed, bags under her eyes as well as eyebrows that haven't been tended too.

However after setting up plans to meet Koiwai for drinks in Episode 5 she seeks advice from Lily on how she should dress and style her hair, during which Lily and Kanbe get into a disagreement on if short or long hair is better. Moriko finally chose medium-length hair.


Moriko is an introverted and quiet person.

The little she likes to speak, she does it in a excesively polite manner, but in her head, she analyzes situations and talks to herself with heaps of energy.

She has a marked low self-esteem, even though other people generally note her for her looks and the quality of its work, her opinion about herself tends to be negative.

She is extremely shy, therefore she avoids human contact as much as possible, that has caused her to be unexperienced in social activities and thus, she tends to think people are hard judging her actions so she constantly feel regrets about her decisions, even if that's not true.

As she always avoid human contact she is not so used to be well treated, and so she has become really sensitive, and the minimal sign of attention from other people gratifies her to the point of letting tears of joy.


In the manga is stated that her reason to become a Neet is to become a pro MMO player. Sadly, this was not considered in the anime show.

There is no sign of family or friends in her life (at least during the anime show), the only person known of her past, is her ex-colleague Homare Koiwai, and even him was unknown to her as they only communicated by phone.

The like for online games does not start with her quitting of her job, in the years she worked, she was a responsible employee, and worked hard during the week, even late at night, but she played online games on weekends.

She used to play a character name "Yuki" from NtrSaga, with this caharacter she met Harth, another dedicated online player, who became inseparable with her, becoming a kind of romantic interest to her, even thoug she never even knew his real name.

One day she left the game, in order to fulfill every remnant task before quitting her job, this took her months, and she never managed to play again as Yuuki, losing contact with her beloved partner.

Plot Edit

About 6 months after she left the game, she managed to quit her job, and the next day she started into a new game called Fruits De Mer, where she decided to play as a male character, creating him as a handsome guy who by an unknown reason she named "Hayashi".

The new game was quite challenging and difficult for a beginner, and after failing a first mission once and again Hayashi was found by a cute girl named "Lily" who offered help and guidance, making her gear up correctly and finally defeating her first goal, from this point on they became inseparable. The kind and soft Lily became attached to Hayashi, and introduced him to her guild @House Party where he was well recieved.

Moriko seems to inadvertently start to develop feelings towards her, expressing confusion since Lily is a female and she is already a thirty-something; Even so, she can not help but feel excited about every detail that Lily does to her.

On one occasion, after having played together until dawn with Lily, she became ill, feeling forced to go out to look for medicines she leaves her home, suddenly she had an accident with someone in the street, she lost consciousness and woke up in a hospital, where her first sight upon waking was an asleep handsome young man besides her bed. The man presented himself as Yuuta Sakurai and offered to pay for her Hospital expenses as he caused the accident, she accepts it and they separated after he gave her his phone number and email. Moriko was deeply impressed by the man.

During the next days Yuuta contacted her to know her development, and after she was healthy he offered to take her out to dinner as a celebration for her recovery, her shyness mad+e her deny the invitation, even when she really wanted, and when she felt the guy was awesome.

Some days after she encountered that a young clerk who works at the store where she goes constantly is a Fruits de Mer player too. And in one visit to the store she finds a well dressed man who starts talking to her, this man reveals himself as Kiwai, her ex colleague, both feel amazed to meet again, and the encounter ends up in Moriko accepting a going out to drink. Se does not know how to do nor what to dress her guildmates gave her advice, that ended up in a change of look.

The date was failed since Moriko confused the day and went out a day prior, but luckily this confusion ended in the re-encounter of her with Yuuta Sakurai, who surprisingly was a friend of Koiwai, they had a great time together, and started to get closer.

Trivia Edit

  • As a gag about the blood type influencing personalty of people Moriko is a O bloodtype person.
  • She has invested in her computer gear more than anything else, she started using an old noisy cpu, and then she got a gamer mouse and Keyboard, and ended having a gamer pc.
  • Moriko hasn't had a good home cooked meal in a long time before Sakurai cooks for he, she also eats a lot of junk food, and pre-cooked supermarket food.