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Kanji ライラック
Rōmaji Rairakku
Gender Female
Status Active
Voice Actor
Japanese Yuuka Aisaka
English Rachel Michelle Thompson
First Appearance

Lilac is an ingame character inside Fruits de Mer and a member of the guild @House Party with the role of Sorcerer; she was created by a 21 years old girl who attends to university.


Lilac has the appearance of a short young girl with shoulder length silver-ish hair to which is tied into a small pony tail in the back with cat ears and purple eyes. She is often seen with a white ruffled blouse, a red pleated skirt with a purple cloak with red beads. Her shoes are thigh-high and in a brown color.


Lilac is the most cheerful, noisy, easygoing, flamboyant and extroverted member of the guild.

She is a little "maniac" sorcerer who loves cat ears and small chests, thus gave her the name "Nekomimi Hentai."

Lilac tends to speak a lot, loud and fast, without thinking too much of whatever subject is being treated, which causes her to commonly draw hasty conclusions that rarely come close to reality.

She is very open and leaks secrets easily like a walking megaphone, but she really seems to care about her guild mates.

Lilac is the lucky guild member, known for getting high quality prices, or stuff she likes, without spending much money.

Relationships Edit

  • Kanbe: While they sometimes superficialy argue and contradict, Lilac seems to feel attracted by Kanbe to the point of blushing to his words even in real life, althoug it seems they don't know each other outside Fruits de Mer.
  • Himeralda & Pokotarou: Lilac is often seen in their company either questing or just spending time.
  • Lily: Lilac is very friendly to her, but deep inside she feels some healthy envy towards her, due to her lovely behaviour getting her attention, and how easy she got Hayashi to be a partner.
  • Hayashi: Lilac seems to admire him, and behaves friendly to him, they play together since Hayashi is often online in time when the other guildmemers are absent.