Fujimoto Kazuomi

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Kanji 藤本 和臣
Gender Male
Birthday April 15th
Occupation College Student

Convenience store Employee (Part-time)

Status Active
Voice Actor
Japanese Takuma Terashima
English Anthony Bowling
First Appearance

He is a college student working part-time at a convenience store near Moriko's house.


Fujimoto stands at a relatively average height, being only slightly taller than Morioka Moriko in their exchanges. He has dark hair tinted with green, though not as bright as his in-game avatar's hairstyle.

He is seen in his convenience store outfit throughout most of the episodes. At home, as seen in Episode 5, he wears a baseball t-shirt with gray sleeves.

At Home Wear

Kanbe's Baseball T-Shirt seen in Episode 5.

He is commonly seen sporting a pair of wide-rimmed glasses.


Fujimoto is mature in the way that he conducts himself both online and offline. 

Unlike some of his guild mates, Fujimoto does not seems to worry too much about separating his real life personality to the in game character, besides this his behavior outside of the game is more relaxed and kind (maybe because of him being seen most of the times at work).

He is a very observant person, who stays alert of the people around him,and always takes actions when he considers necessary.

While he acts like a loner, in fact he holds close relationships with his partners, behaving like a big brother to his friends, who in exchange tells him their thoughts and worries with confidence.


It is later revealed that Fujimoto Kazuomi is the guild leader of the Morioka's guild in-game.

Despite his young age, In Episode 5, it is revealed that he knows that Lily is a male playing a female avatar in a PM from Lily. And onthe other side he discovers that Hayashi is a woman portraying a man, he quickly understand the situation ,and helps subtly to advance in their relationship, as well as solving their superficial issue.

Without him noticing,the real person behind Lilac feels attracted to him, although is unknown (at least in the anime) if they know each other in real life.

In the manga, he seem to have a crush on Moriko but decided to keep it quiet.