Chara body07
Kanji カンベ
Rōmaji Kanbe
Gender Male
Status Active
Voice Actor
Japanese Yuuichi Nakamura
English Ricco Fajardo
First Appearance

He is an assassin character inside Fruits de Mer,created by Kazuomi Fujimoto, he is the guild master and one of the highest level members of @House Party.



At first glance, he is an apatic rough-sounding character who maintains his status as a master, however it is not long before he discovers that his personality is different.

Kanbe behaves as a positive leader, he is seen almost exclusively in company of his guild partners; also he is aware of their in game development as well as their problems, often trying to lend a hand in whatever thy may need.

Although he says not to like minding in other peoples affair he is quite prone to listen to gossips.

Unlike his partners, Kanbe is not much interested in changing his looks, instead he seems to be really interested in making money by commerce, even possesing high amounts as a million coins.


Kanbe became the guildmaster in an event prior the start of the series: When the former leader had to left Fruits de Mer for personal issues, he decided to disband the group, Kanbe interfered and asked for the authority so they don't waste a max level guild.

Relationships Edit

He holds friendship with every single member of the guild.

  • Lilac: Lilac and Kanbe aparently share some attraction to each other, he states he cant help but be honest whenever she is around, and thet he likes her appeareance. Even if he always acts comicaly harsh to her, its never to the point of hurting.
  • Himeralda: While Himeralda respects him as a master, she behaves like a big sister to him encouraging Kanbe to dont remain passive about Lily and Hayashi problem, and telling him for his hard words towards Lilac.
  • Pokotarou: Pokotarou and Kanbe are seeing a lot of time together either questing or simly spending time. Both of them really like commerce activities.
  • Lily: Before the arrival of hayashi, Kanbe was the most trusted person for Lily, and even after he still keeps looking for her, besides the fact that he actually knows Lily is a man.
  • Hayashi: Initally Kanbe had to be patient to the inexperienced Hayashi, but once he became good at the game they partner regularly to do quests. Kanbe is the only member og the guild who knows him in real life, and acts like an advisor to Hayashi.
  • Nico: They are sometimes seen together, the main interaction was in doing recruiting tasks.