Chara body05
Rōmaji Hayashi
Gender Male
Voice Actor
Japanese Ryouta Suzuki
English Aaron Dismuke
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1

Hayshi is game character created by Morioka Moriko inside Fruits de Mer, his class is knight and is an active member of @House Party.


In-game Hayashi appears a tall young man with pale skin, and short light blue hair. He is seen in a darker blue turtle neck with rolled sleeves underneath a lighter blue tunic with a belt, dark blue pants and brown knee-high boots.

As the series progresses he is seen wearing different outfits as he levels up.

His final apparel is a long black coat similar to the one Lily is seen wearing.


Said by the other online characters Hayashi is kind, serious, and a dedicated player which shows some maturity signs, besides the fact that he avoids speaking about real life, and keeps some secrets.

He shows a very friendly and caring personality. His reactions sometimes reflect that his real counterpart is a woman, this subtly makes the females characters feel that he actually comprehends them more than other characters like Kanbe.

Despite being created as a popular ikemen character, he starts being terribly harmless, but with hard work and the help of Lily he slowly progresses to become a good player.

Hayashi first friend was Lily, and he spends most of the time with her, becoming closer to her than with any other guild member.

Trivia Edit

  • Hayashi was created to be Moriko's ideal man, and he ended up being a portrait of how charming and popular Moriko could be if she was more open and self confident.
  • The progression of Hayashi was faster than other guildmembers, he started being the lowest level, quickly reached Lily, and by the end of the show he is paired with Kanbe at lvl 130 (same as Lily) leaving behind Lilac, Himeralda and the other guild partners players who are older in the game than Hayashi.