Fruits de Mer add

Banner from the official website.

Fruits de Mer (stilyzed FRVITS DE MER) is a ficticious japanese MMORPG game, in wich a good part of the story develops.

Fruits de Mer seems to be quite popular considering the availability of money cash cards, the number of players seen, and the ease with which it is found using web search engines.

Features Edit

  • Open world maps.
  • Solo/Dungeon questing
  • Casual Matchmaking.
  • Seasonal events.
  • Cosmetic/Special items drop.
  • A guild system.
  • Gacha items.
  • Cash shop.

Trivia Edit

  • While not seen in the manga, in the anime Gruits de Mer can be free dowloaded from, a referenco to "Comico" an enterprise involved in te anime production
  • Fruits de mer, is a french composed word wich reffers to either a seafood dish, or to shellnuts themselves.