House party

A guild meeting

@House Party is a guild, inside Fruits De Mer, a Japanese MMO game. The guild has been active for quite some time and is considered a max level rank.

Its directed by the master Kanbe, who is in charge since the creator and previous master left the game.

Members Edit

Remarkably @House Party have some high level characters with varied roles:

Name Lvl. Role
Kanbe 130 Assassin
Lily 130 Conductor
Lilac 108 Sorcerer
Nico 61 Chef
Hayashi 102 Warrior
Pokotarou 130 Shaman
Himeralda 117 Jugler
Seigetsu 78 Pupetteer
Shinchan 99 Dark Knight
Kanbeei 90 Merchant
Jokin EX 35 Alchemist
Hagechan 70 Alchemist
Chel 40 Archer