Moriko Morioka wakes up the morning after quitting her job to play an online MMORPG. After finding her favorite one is no longer in service, Moriko decides to download a newer one called Fruits de Mer and designs her ideal male with the name Hayashi as her in-game avatar. After failing to defeat a boss several times, another player-character named Lily takes pity on Hayashi and helps teach him the basics of the game. Months later, on Christmas Eve, Hayashi has been avoiding Lily. Hayashi privately tells their guildmaster Kanbe that he wanted to save up experience to earn a "crystal rose" for her on his own, but Kanbe warns him not to get too attached to Lily outside the game. In the real world, Moriko buys some food and a game card from a convenience store, but asks for the last piece of "Christmas chicken" at the same time as an attractive man, causing her to run away in embarrassment when he lets her buy it. The next day in the game world, Hayashi and Lily exchange Christmas presents.
(Source: Wikipedia)